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Full Guide to Trading Share CFD 2021! [Tesla Amazon Netflix Apple ]

Oct 26, 2021CFD Trading0 comments

In share CFDs, investors or traders do not own the underlying shares. Equity CFDs also referred to as equity CFDs, allow traders to trade CFDs on a wide variety of shares or equities, with profits and losses calculated as the difference in the buying and selling prices. You can access some of the globe’s top stocks like Tesla CFD and CFD Amazon on the stock exchange market and receive profits and losses without physically owning these shares as share CFDs are margined products. Share CFDs are quoted and traded in the same way as the physical shares.

Let’s now take a deep delve into famous share CFDs in 2021.

Part 1: Top 7 Streaming Famous Share CFD to Watch in 2021!

With the new surge in the number of streaming platforms, it is no wonder the streaming market is growing at an unprecedented rate. Over-the-top (OTT) media services make video streaming opportunities available for viewers via the internet. In times of social, economic, and political instability, share trading on large-cap stocks has been observed to be more stable and reliable. Before opening a position on a gushing stock, traders employ company analysis to see how it maintains and keeps its worth during difficult times. Here are the top streaming stocks in 2021:

1. Amazon (AMZN)

It is an e-commerce company founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Launching the Amazon Video streaming service in 2006 and making it available only to Amazon Prime members in 2014, Amazon was one first to achieve this feat. Amazon has gone beyond the worldwide trillion marks with Apple and some other businesses, with a market capitalization of £1.65 trillion. The price of Amazon CFD is $3,350.

2. Comcast (CMCSA)

This is a famous telecommunications company, with Peacock, launched in 2020 as their OTT subscription-based streaming service. Peacock covers TV streaming popular culture trending news and films. Despite its market capitalization of $243.8 billion, its share price is about $50, making them attractive to streaming stock investors.

3. Netflix (NLFX)

Founded in 1997, this subscription-based streaming service has its headquarters in California, USA, and currently has a market capitalization of about $246.5 billion. They are the original provider of the streaming market share. Due to their stable balance sheets and cash flow, Netflix has risen to become one of the most famous streaming stocks for stock traders.

4. AT&T (T)

Comcast owns AT&T and collaborated with WarnerMedia in 2020; the company launched the HBO Max streaming service. They are famous among the US audience, particularly for creating original and strong streaming content. Despite a market capitalization of $205.2 billion, AT&T’s share price is around $30, making them a good streaming stock for investors.

5. Apple (AAPL)

This Mobile Tech giant was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs. Its subscription-based streaming service, Apple TV, was launched in November 2019 with one of the largest market capitalizations in the world, with a value of about $2.27 trillion. Its share price is valued at about $135. iTunes and Apple Music are two of the most famous services globally and are popular music stocks.

6. Roku (ROKU)

This company, founded in 2002, manufactured digital media players and was. It grants its users access to their favorite TV and video streaming services. They are not a streaming service themselves; instead, they provide a marketplace for the display of streaming on devices through their software. Roku’s market capitalization is at $59.5 billion, with a share price of $460. Released in 2008, Roku DVP was its first product.

7. Disney (DIS)

The Walt Disney Corporation, founded in 1923, has a heavy presence in the stock market, and is a popular streaming company, with a market capitalization of $340.7 billion. Renowned for its classic animations, the company launched Disney+, its streaming service. Since 1991, the company got featured on Dow Jones Industrial Average stock index.

Part 2: Your Guide to Trade Famous Share CFDs with Popular Trading Platforms

Here is a tutorial guide on how you can trade famous share CFDs using popular trading platforms available:

1. IG

Trading shares CFDs with IG is an opportunity to benefit from rising and falling financial markets. With over 313,000 clients globally and over 17,000 markets, IG allows you to join the market by creating a live account or, first of all, starting with a demo account. You can go long or short on different markets, free your capital, and take advantage of its stop and limit orders to mitigate potential risks. Its competitive margin allows you to open a trading position for a fraction of the total cost. Custom price alerts keep you updated with market trends and happenings.

IG Markets, established in 1974 in the UK, authorized by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin, Germany) & the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA, UK), is safe because of being under the London Stock Exchange.

IG offers 24/7 customer service support and provides relevant answers through its several service channels. But its email and phone support may be slow. The live chat also stays maximum offline time.

IG offers instruments like Forex, CFTC, Shares, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies.

On major Forex currency pairs at IG, the spread ranges from 0.6 pips. On Commodities, Spot Gold spreads are from 0.3 pips. The spread on FTSE 100 may start from 1 point.

There will be differences in margin requirements for multiple levels of exposure. The margins start from 3.33% to 50%. On Forex, indices, and Commodities, there will be a margin on 200:1 leverage.

The minimum amount for card payment is $300. IG provides free withdrawals with many options. It offers deposit and withdrawal methods like bank wire transfer, PayPal, and credit card.

IG provides minimum leverage of 50:1.

IG offers several platform options like MetaTrader 4, API interfaces, Mobile trading, Trading signals, Trading alerts, Algorithmic trading, and ProRealTime.



This is another efficient trading platform that allows you to trade spot metals and the currency market. FXTM is globally licensed and regulated and offers a wide variety of trading instruments. FXTM allows you to trade the price movements of shares from leading companies like Netflix, Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Adidas, Zoom, etc. Increase your profit potential using leverage while also taking advantage of falling prices. Slippage, order execution, and requote are utterly transparent on FXTM. FXTM serves over 2 million people globally.

FXTM is well-authorized under financial regulations like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). As the top-tier FCA maintains FXTM, it is secure. FXTM provides excellent customer service support through live chat, phone support, and email, but only on weekdays.

FXTM offers trading instruments like CFD Stocks, Metals, Indices, Stock Trading, Commodities, FX Indices, Stock Baskets, and Currency Pairs.

It offers a low spread ranging from 0.1 basically on ECN accounts, and the low spread can be 0.5on Standard accounts.

The requirement of floating margin on FXTM ranges from 1:1000 to 1:25.

FXTM requires a minimum deposit of $50. FXTM offers deposit and withdrawal options offer bank transfers, credit cards, and electronic wallets. FXTM charges no fee for most withdrawal processes.

FXTM provides average leverage is 1:30. It can be lower, like 1:5 or 1:10.

  • Forex major- 1:1000 for the micro accounts
  • FX Minors- 1:500
  • FX Exotics – 1:50
  • Spot Metals – 1:500

Offered trading platforms on FXTM are MetaTrader 5 (MT5), MetaTrader 4 (MT4), and FXTM Trader.


3. CMC Markets

This is a leading industry expert and an award-winning trading platform. CMC Markets gives traders access to the world’s largest companies, including Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, etc., through CFDs and spread-betting. With over 8000 shares to trade on from popular shares in the UK and US, professional research including equity analysis, minimal slippage with lightning-fast and fully automated execution in 0.0045 seconds, 99.8% fill-rate, and no currency risk, CMC is the best stop for share CFD trading. Gain valuable insights on Tesla CFD price and Amazon CFD price on CMC Markets. CMC Markets serve 80,000 active users globally.

CMC Markets is well-authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The platform is under the London Stock Exchange, and so CMC Markets is considered secure.

Customer service of CMC Markets is through phone, live chat, and email in several languages.

Available instruments are Forex, Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Shares & ETFs, and Treasuries.

Some of the most popular instruments spread are:

  • Forex: EUR/USD- 0.7; GBP/USD- 0.9
  • Indices: Germany 40- 1.0; US 30- 2.0
  • Commodities: Crude Oil Brent- 2.5; Gold- 0.3
  • Treasuries: UK Gilt- 2.0; US T-Bond- 3.0

For indices, margin is 5%, commodities – 5%, cryptocurrencies- 50%, shares -20%, and treasuries at 3.3%.

Almost all withdrawals are accessible here. But the fee of £15 is required for international bank transfers. Fees include rollover costs, overnight holding costs, share commissions, guaranteed stop-loss orders, dormancy fees, and market data fees.

CMC Markets offer on Forex margin of 3.3%. In that case, the leverage will be 30:1. The leverage will depend on provided margin.

The trading platforms of CMC Markets are MetaTrader 4 and Mobile trading apps (iPhone, iPad, and Android).

cmc markets

4. IC Markets

IC Markets is a popular trading platform that gives traders access to automated trading. It is home to over 180,000 traders with a trading volume of $1.04 trillion, making it the largest Forex broker globally by trading volume. IC Markets offers traders access to popular US stocks, including Amazon, Tesla, Netflix, etc. You can quickly and instantly open an account, fund it, securely transfer funds with 0% commission, and withdraw your money quickly. IC Markets is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and web browsers. It has a high execution speed, and traders can start with a demo account. For Amazon CFD trading, this can be a good platform.

IC Markets, founded in 2007 in Australia, is authorized under the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), & the Seychelles Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA). And so, IC Markets is considered safe.

IC Markets provides 24/7 support through live chat, excellent phone, and email. But the live chat can be slow.

The offered instruments of IC Markets are Forex and CFDs trading, including Futures, 61 currency pairs, 22 commodities, 1659 stocks, 25 indices, 11 bonds, and 10 digital currencies.

For Forex Product, IC Markets has spread like AUD/USD- MIN 0 AVG 0.17 for a Raw Spread Account, and for a Standard Account, the spread is MIN 0.6 and AVG 0.77. Commodities such as BRENT have spread like MIN 0.020 and AVG 0.028. Indies such as AUS200 offer a spread of MIN 0.000 and AVG 1.220.

The margin on instruments varies on market conditions.

IC Markets requires USD 200 from its clients to open an account. For international bank withdrawal, IC Markets requires AUD 20 fee.

IC Markets has flexible leverage options ranging from 1:1 to 1:500.

IC Markets offers trading like MetaTrader 4 and 5, MT WebTrader, MT Mac, MT iPhone/iPad, MT Android, and cTrader for Web, iPhone/iPad, Android, and cAlgo.

ic markets

5. AvaTrade

AvaTrade is a regulated, trusted, and trusted award-winning trading broker. With multilingual customer service support and protection of clients’ funds in segregated accounts opened at international banks, AvaTrade is home to many financial instruments, including famous us stocks like Tesla, Netflix, and Amazon. Whether you’re a starter or a pro, you can enrich yourself with its educational materials. With AvaTrade, you can trade stock CFDs, Forex, etc., in real-time using live charts while simultaneously monitoring your trades and managing your risks using limits, stops, and orders. This trading platform serves more than 200,000 registered clients.

AvaTrade is well-authorized by authorities like the Central Bank of Ireland. And so, it is safe.

The service options for contact AvaTrade include live chat, phone, and email. AvaTrade customer service provides relevant answers through several local languages. But the customer support of AvaTrade is available 24/5 only.

Offered instruments of AvaTrade are Forex, Commodities, Bonds, Stock, ETFs, Indices, FXOptions, and Cryptocurrencies.

The average spread begins from 0.3 pips on Indices, 0.34 on commodities, 0.03 on bonds, and 0.9 on FX Options.

The margin on Forex is 0.25%. On commodities such as Gold, the margin is 0.5%, crude oil- 1%, and silver- 2.0%.

The minimum deposit is $100 on AvaTrade via credit/debit cards and bank transfers. AvaTrade provides multiple options for deposit and withdrawal for free. The negative point is the withdrawal process may take more than three business days. The debit card also deposits can be slow.

The leverage on significant Forex pairs is 400:1, on Stock- 10:1, and commodities like Gold- 200:1, silver- 100:1, etc.

Provided platform for trading on AvaTrade include MetaTrader 4 and 5, AvaTradeGO, Mac Trading, Ava Social, Web Trading, and AvaOption.


Part 3: Some FAQs

1. How do you trade CFD stocks?

Settle for the market you want to trade on and decide to go long or short. Select the number of CFD stocks you wish to sell, enter a stop-loss order and closely monitor, then close your trade.

2. What is Amazon CFD?

Amazon CFDs allow traders to trade Amazon’s stock prices. Traders do not physically own the Stock. They only take advantage of the share price to profit.

3. Why is CFD bad?

CFDs are over-the-counter products and, as such, enjoy low industry regulation. They lack liquidity and increase the possibility of more enormous losses.

Check out the comparison table and know about the performance rating of each CFD platform.

Broker platforms Overall Rating Fees Account opening Deposit and withdrawal Trading platform Markets and products Research Customer service Education
IG 4.4 2.9 5.0 5.0 4.9 1.9 3.3 5.0 3.5
FXTM 4.3 3.4 5.0 3.9 3.5 2.5 3.8 4.5 5.0
CMC Markets 4.6 3.7 4.1 4.8 4.2 2.2 5.0 4.5 5.0
IC Markets 4.5 4.4 5.0 4.9 3.5 1.8 3.8 3.6 4.5
AvaTrade 4.5 3.5 5.0 4.5 4.1 2.0 4.6 4.5 5.0


With share CFDs, traders and investors can take advantage of an ever-growing and highly volatile market to profit from slight price movements in the financial markets. Using leverage and margins, you can access the world’s largest companies, including Tesla CFD, through share CFDs and be on your way to seamless earning of profits.

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