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Our Traders


Top Trading platforms Recommend

How to select the best trading platforms? It depends. Every trading platform is unique. Normally traders and investors should consider factors such as Markets avaiable, Trading Tools, Market Research, Beginner Education, Customer Service, and Ease ofr Operation.
Here we strive to bring you Top Featured trading platforms overall.

Plus 500

Trade CFDs on Shares, Indices, Forex and Cryptocurrencies. Reliable, Simple, Innovative. Millions have already traded with Plus500.
Plus500 provide Tight spreads, No commissions,
Leverage of up to 1:300, Fast and reliable order execution

IG trading platform provides Tight Spreads, Fast Execution, 17,000+ markets. Have buy and sell signals, based on analysis from two expert third parties, delivered to traders’ mobile or desktop

Trade over 4,500 markets including FX, Indices, Commodities, Equities and Cryptos. Over 500 markets on the new and improved MT5. Tight spreads on over 90 pairs. XAU/USD spreads from $0.11 on DMA account .

What’s the Best Trading Platforms?

Which are the important factors that traders need to consider while choosing trading platforms? Here we bring you the top factors below that most traders and investors concern

Trading Cost

If the trading platforms is free for opening account, with lowest fees and commissions, thight spreads,lowest margin rates, then it’s normally popular.

Trading Markets

Different traders focus on different instruments. If the trading platform has wide rang selection of
investment from cfd trading, stock, commodity, crypto, indice,  forex trading, it will be more popular

trading style

For trader beginer, it’s helpful if the trading platforms support copy trading, mirror trading, and some experienced trader prefer automatic trading

Multi clients

Professional traders trade on desktop with window or Macos tranding clients or trading on websites. While for other traders, they prefer trading on  ios  or Android mobile phone.

market signals

When trading, we need market research and analysis, significant trends and patterns as buy and sell signals then identify the right time to trade, or analyze our investment performance and market conditions

safe & risks

Businesses that involve financial services are highly regulated. For the safety of our funds, We need to consider which institution authorised the finacial license of the trading platform ;


Featured Best Trading Platforms

Different traders and inverstors intrests different matkets. Find the suitable best trading platform for you

best stock trading platforms

What is the best share trading platform for beginners? Which stock trading platform has the lowest fees? Want to trade whatsapp share,apple stock,yahoo stock? We find and compare the best online share trading platforms

best indices trading platforms

How do I trade indices ? Which platform is best for indices trading? Is there a indices trading platform can trade popular indices like nasdaq, dow jones, s&p, nas100, dj30, us100, asx200, sp500, us30,hk50,a50…… Get the details.


best futures trading platforms

A futures market is an auction market in which participants buy and sell commodity and futures contracts for delivery on a specified future date.But which futures market is easiest to trade? Crude oil futures or Gold?

best crypto trading platforms

Which platform can trade all popular Cryptocurrency? What is the best crypto broker? Which crypto exchange has lowest fees? Can I invest $100 into Bitcoin? Find more details answers here……

best australian trading platform

Want to find the best trading platform for beginners in Australia in 2021? Is day trading legal in Australia? Can I trade share in Australia? Which platform is best for trading in Australia? Let’s show you more……


best mt4 trading platform

Is MT4 the best trading platform for forex trading? How many brokers have MT4 trading platform and what are them? Which is the best one and how to select one? See the expert opinions here…

Best forex trading platforms

The foreign exchange (forex) market is the largest and most actively traded financial market in the world. We compared the top forex trading platforms including MetaTrader 4. And we recommend The best for you.

best CFD trading platforms

What is the best CFD trading platform? Is CFD trading illegal? Is CFD trading safe? Is CFD better than other investing? Is CFD a gamble? Is CFD worth trading? Find the experts’ adivce….


Which commodities trading platform is best? Are commodities high risk? Can I trade futures with $500? How do you make money trading commodities? Is Commodity Trading Easy?

best options trading platforms

Which trading platform is best for options?What is the best options trading platform for beginners? Is Options Trading Better Than Stocks?Can I trade options with $100? See more details……

best indian or australia trading platform

Which one is the best trading platform in Australia or India? Is online trading safe in India? Here are India or Australia’s best online trading platforms for share trading or forex trading in 2021.

best day trading platforms

What are the best platforms for day trading?Can you start day trading with $100? Here we review and recommend several trading platforms , each with its own unique tools, fee schedules, Get more details……

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"As a new investor, I find the best trading platform here for me, It's is easy to use and provides a variety of educational materials,including quality stock market research"


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"When I have no idea about the brokers and want to trade CFD, give me many information and advice. The best platform for me is a brokerage that includes accessible educational resources, an easy app and website, zero commissions. Thank you iTradingplatforms."


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They trade on most of these online trading platforms ,As always, they are partners grows with you!



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Our Trading Experience

With tremendous trading amount cover all of these popular markets, we are well-experienced partners grows with you!

Reviewed more than 250 online trading platforms which are top platforms in different marktes and countries

Trade more then 100 thounsands times on top trading platforms

Traded almost 130000 instruments in populor trading platforms

the experts have traded more than 20 millions USD on different markets totally

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